There is no better place to start your kids racing than on minis. Learning race craft, passing, lines, braking, the list goes on. ASMGP is the home for mini-racing. We believe ASMGP is the best place to do that, and this is why.


Professionalism transcends every aspect of ASMGP’s program. ASMGP’s dedication to providing a structured environment is something we believe needs to happen in order to breed competition and attract partners.

European mini racing has eclipsed American racing for quite some time now. Fundamentals must be taught young to be competitive on the world stage. Starting them as young as 4 or 5 has been the recipe for success in Spain and Italy, and it’s imperative that America follows suite.


Our race series is different from anything else on the market. From the time you walk into our event to when you leave, you’ll notice the pride that surrounds ASMGP.

What sets us apart? It’s your physical license presented to you at the beginning of the season. It’s our properly outfitted officials. It’s the collection of professional photos you’ve received from your race. It’s the heavy trophy you’re walking away with. You will feel the difference when competing with ASMGP.


ASMGP is structuring some important partnerships to bring our series to the forefront of mini-racing in the United States. Our goal is to push mini racing farther than it’s ever been before, to be the beacon for professional youth talent in the US.

Securing Eleven Motorsports as our Title sponsor is just the beginning. We have much more news coming soon.


Professional media coverage from a photography and film standpoint brings unprecedented mini-racing perspectives.

Every event will feature a professional event highlight video that will capture the sights and sounds of the event weekend.

Each weekend we’ll select a small number of riders to create “Featured Rider” videos that they’ll be able to utilize on social media and for sponsorship opportunities.

We’ll have a professional MotoGP Photographer on staff to shoot photos of all the riders at each event. All these photos will be given to the riders free of charge as well!

Media is a cornerstone of ASMGP. Having the appropriate coverage gives our riders, the series, and sponsors real ROI and a reason to run with us.


Eleven Motorsports will be on hand at each event to offer not only a full fleet rental and service but also support with parts and tires for existing Ohvale customers!

2x 190 GP-0’s

2x 160 GP-0’s

1x 110-4 GP-0

10x 110A GP-0’s